Little Springs Village is a new concept in sustainable community living for the Wodonga region.

lsv-concept-1-v5-e1526617283242.jpgOur vision is to create a world-leading sustainable community, a place for people to thrive in harmony with nature. The village will be a place where families and their children can interact in safety and share food, equipment, resources and skills. The concept is based on successful ecovillage and co-housing principles.

The community is planned for Wodonga in North East Victoria where sustainable housing is limited and more affordable living solutions are highly sought after.

A site has been identified that may suit such a development and this will be announced publically in coming months. The plans will aim to meet the needs of the Wodonga Growth Strategy and may challenge some of the older town planning rules to achieve best-practice liveability outcomes. We also hope the Victorian Planning Committee will enable flexibility in planning to achieve outcomes described in the Leneva-Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan.

Planned inclusions

  • A mix of residential housing, community facilities and small businesses
  • Retail facilities such as an organic café and a food cooperative
  • Spaces for residents for to operate small business ventures
  • Community hall and dining area, equipped with a community kitchen for shared meals, parties and events.
  • Playground
  • Solar heated pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Workshop and equipment shed to share tools
  • Guest rooms to provide short term accommodation for family and friends
  • Community gardens providing fresh produce to residents and the wider community
  • Village library
  • Share cars of varying types and sizes.
  • Community bus
  • A waste water treatment plant sending recycled water back to all homes to enable 100% water self-sufficiency.


The project has the ability to meet many objectives of government policies and we are hopeful that planning will be completed in 2018-2019 with building starting in 2019-2021. The development related project would be stated and take approximately 6 years to complete. We hope to present the concept at a public meeting in mid 2018 to gauge interest and address any planning concerns or questions people may have. Please contact us to register your interest in attending or interest in the project.


The vision for Little Springs came from passionate local families who identified the need for communities to reconnect not only with each other but with their surrounding environment. The project is being steered Kyleigh Andrews with assistance from sustainability trailblazer, Ben O’Callaghan from Ecomplish Sustainability. The team has engaged the support of Planners Oxley & Co to assist with the early planning phase. It is envisaged that this project will generate millions of dollars for the local economy and demonstrate what can be achieved with innovative design.

The concept leverages successful ideas from the most awarded residential estate in Australia, The Ecovillage in Currumbin in SE QLD and more recent communities such as The Cape in southern Victoria.


2018-02-10 18.02.40The range of events will be steered towards the needs and wishes of the community. A range of events and classes may be available such as yoga, woodwork classes, sewing groups, personal fitness training classes, cricket matches, playgroups, cooking classes, all led by local residents. It is hoped that future residents will share their skills and knowledge with the younger generations of the village providing the opportunity to integrate and support both age groups.


It is envisaged that a central professional body will manage the day to day running of the community for the benefit of residents. This would be provided through the services full-time maintenance manager.

Click here to find out more about the community design and goals.