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LSV Concept 1 v5

Affordable Living

56e8d5e5a0da8.previewThe village will offer modern housing with high quality shared services and spaces. This will enable residents to save money in the medium to long run, for example, by only needing a 3 bedroom home instead of a 4, as their relatives and friends can stay in the guest rooms when visiting. Similarly, residents won’t need a large kitchen or dining room, as they will be able to use the community hall and kitchen for parties and events. Transport options such as a community bus and community pooled cars are envisaged.

Instead of trying to provide affordable housing which focuses only on the cost of the dwelling and not the on-going costs, which are often high due to poor design. The village will seek to provide future resident with many affordable living solutions, including homes with high thermal energy performance including a minimum 8 star ratings) and an independent sustainable community rating using Green Star Communities or equivalent.